This section contains some of the projects implemented by the specialists of «VS Technologies» ltd:

BMS project for a private residence

«VS Technologies» ltd. successfully implemented the project of automatic control of heating and ventilation systems for a country residence (3500 sq.m).

The project's objective was to ensure reliable operation of the heating and ventilation systems. The main feature of the implemented project is the ability to exercise centralized control and management from the control room, to watch the current state of the systems, to analyze and to compare system data, eventual accidents, their causes and consequences information, as well as excessive or cost-effective energy consumption. This allows you to reduce the presence of staff in the building.

The system is developed on the base of premium programmable logic controllers Computrols (Computrols Inc.), under the control of CBAS software (Computrols Inc.), which combines all the PLCs into a single automation system.

The system works upon multiple algorithms, for example, "owner in the house", "economy mode", etc. or the user mode (an operator chooses how would work a particular engineering system).

List of the automated systems:

Implementation of the automation system allows to control the engineering systems of the building more accurate, depending on the needs of the owners; to save energy significantly and to prevent possible accidents promptly.

The completed project allows easily to upgrade the system and to receive all the collected data over an iPad.

BMS project

«VS Technologies» ltd. finished a drawing of the automatic control of engineering systems for confectionery factory "Prestige 96", Veliko Tarnovo (15 900 sq.m).

The project objective was to receive information (dispatching) from engineering systems and to control the climate in the office area. The main feature of the project is the ability to control engineering equipment status and to monitor the energy consumption. Centralized management and control from the control room allows to reduce the presence of staf. The system controls current condition of the equipment, makes records of all alarms and pre-alarms of the equipment, makes records of the parameters left out of the operating range, gives audible and visual alarm to the operators. Building management system allows make changes in the work algorithm after analyzing data for a certain period and comparison it with the data received during the work of the systems with various adjustments, also it allows to choose the best mode for saving in energy resources consumption.

The system is developed on the base of programmable logic controllers Wago (Wago GmbH), under the control of Vista software (Schneider Electric), which combines all the PLCs into a single automation system.

The system controls the engineering equipment via ModBus protocol, control over operations of the equipment is carried out by its own controllers.

List of the systems, that should be dispatched :

List of the systems, that should be monitored and controlled:

Implemented building management system allows to construct an energy management system at the facility.

Design of a "smart house" system

Our company has completed design of a "smart house" system for a private country house with a square of 1150 square meters.

Control systems covered by this project:

Encompassing of the systems:

Management of lighting, load on the outlets, heating, cooling and shutters is implemented on BUS/KNX/ EIB.

For the project was chosen KNX equipment manufactured by ABB (such as 6197/14-101-500-dimmers, SA/S 4.10.1-actuators, ES/S control and JRA/S control etc.). Nearly 90 KNX devices (dimmers, actuators, input modules, etc.) are placed in the control cabinets. All power equipment is housed in 5 KNX cabinets that are installed in the basement in order to reduce noise when switching. Interface KNX modules are provided for every air conditioner (total 22 pcs.), model DK-RC-KNX-1 produced by Intesis.

GIRA wiring accessories was chosen by the interior designer: touch switches and thermostats of series-System 55/E22, cover frames of a serie Esprit Glass white/pure white glossy.

35 push button sensors with thermostats are placed in the house in order to control the climate control and there are 126 push button sensors for control of lighting, shutters and outlets load.

Ventilation system: exhaust ventilation, supply ventilation and air dehumidification in the pool are designed on the base of BX9000 Beckhoff controllers with ModBus / TCPIP protocol. The system receives signals for starting of the ventilation from the KNX/BUS through the terminal KL6301, from the push buttons or according to programmed logic. Speed control of the exhaust fans via the terminal KL2791 enables to balance the system and to reduce noise level in the house. Humidity in the pool is maintained at a predetermined level and is controlled by humidity sensors at the pool.

Security systems are implemented on the equipment manufactured by Bolid. Fire alarm system is built on the targeted smoke and heat detectors located in each room. The intrusion warning system is designed on magnet reed contacts and motion detectors. Outdoor perimeter protection sensors with two infrared channels and one microwave channel are foreseen in order to prevent intrusion to the territory. The fire alarm system sends a signal to halt the ventilation system in case of fire. The system provides visualization on computers or mobile devices.

Outdoor surveillance. According to the design are chosen cameras of outdoor surveillance WV-SW316LE manufactured by Panasonic. Along the perimeter there are 17 cameras, which are weatherproof network devices with infrared lighting.

Intercom. For communication within the house is provided intercom system on equipment of GIRA: Surface-mounted home station video, Esprit, glass white / pure white glossy. There are 7 panels throughout the house. It is also possible to communicate via the computer application.

Intercom connection is made on the equipment Bpt Lynea Basic, video entry panels Thangram (3 pieces) are located near the entrance to the site territory. Display device YVCL301-3,5" COLOUR VIDEO for two-way communication, visual inspection and door opening is located in the guard room.

Also was designed a wiring system for the multiroom-system, as well as for all of the above home automation systems.

Visualization of the system and control from mobile devices will be implemented via Iridium software.

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