Intelligent building

The range of intelligent buildings, smart homes, building management systems (BMS) comprises a great variety of technologies for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings, including energy management systems and building automation.

The building management system is central to the concept of "intelligent building", its purpose is to control, to monitor and to optimize the following systems:

  • lighting, heating, power supply, security, audio-visual and entertainment systems, ventilation, filtration and climate control, etc.;
  • monitoring and reporting of the time of arrival (including movements and availability of staff on their workplaces).

Potential of these concepts and technologies is huge, and development of the intelligent building has an enormous effect on our business and private life.

Its influence over the real estate management is potentially enormous. That's why any manager, who is considering to upgrade and to renovate a building, should also consider opportunities provided by technologies and concepts of intelligent building.

The main point of the intelligent buildings management is in its control technologies, that integrate, automate and optimize engineering systems and equipment. This provides receiving complete and structured information for the management service of the respective building.

Integration of multiple building systems allows them to communicate with each other via a control system, thus allowing connections and work algorithms to be managed from a control room.

Further development of the intelligent buildings systems is focused on how the house and its related technologies, products and services should evolve in order to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

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