Building automation

Modern multifunctional building is a complex of engineering systems that provide the maximum level of comfort for work and leisure. Building management system (BMS) allows to combine all the subsystems into a single unit, which ensures their reliable and efficient operation. Usually, building management systems are installed in new buildings or during the process of reconstruction, when outdated management systems are replaced.

Automated dispatching and management system provides prompt and accurate information about the work of the engineering systems of a building. The system makes complex engineering and technical construction simpler and clearer, provides fast troubleshooting in the event of emergency situations. During the management process over the various systems of a building, automation system ensures smooth operation of the facility, as well as comfort and safety to the inhabitants of the building. Building management system gives you real control over your building.

We propose the system which integrates all the equipment of the building, organizes the information in the most logical way, and delivers it in the way you need.

What benefits does a building management system provide?

Application of a building management system (BMS) and an energy management system (EMS) allows:

  • to achieve savings of the energy resources (water, heat, cold, air, electricity) up to 40% by the means of operation of the system in the most economic mode: the system automatically switches the building from day to night mode (lowering the rooms temperature, turning off lights, air conditioners, etc.). Also the system can work according to the data of occupancy and air quality sensors (CO2 level): the system turns on in case there are people in the area and the air parameters should be changed (demand for more fresh air, for lower or higher temperature, etc.);
  • to reduce up to 3 times costs for the operation services; to reduce charges for the equipment maintenance; to extend the equipment's time of service by constantly monitoring all the parameters of engineering systems from the central control room and providing the staff with prompt information about errors in BMS work. To establish a list of equipment, which has a limited life cycle, in order to alert the operator about eventual replacement of the unit, scheduled repair or necessity to order hardware for replacement;
  • to increase by 2 times smooth operation term of engineering systems via automatically maintaining optimal conditions of the equipment and the usage of reliable technical means;
  • to analyze equipment performance and an operator's activities on the basis of historical data; to investigate the reasons of accidents and to implement changes to the algorithm of the system on the basis of new information;
  • to reduce the morbidity rate of employees by creating a comfortable work environment;
  • to monitor multiple objects from a single control unit, thus reducing the cost of service personnel; also there is no need of keeping reserve materials at every object.
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