Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German company that manufactures components for electrical connection technology and electronic components for decentralized automation technology. The company is especially well known for its cage clamp and push-wire connector products.

Wago was founded on April 27, 1951 by Friedrich Hohorst and Heinrich Nagel as WAGO Klemmenwerk GmbH. In 2004, the company was certified according to ISO 14001 in recognition of environmental management standards.

Many people have contributed to the Wago success story through their commitment and dedication. All of them believed in the potential of the company and were receptive for new ideas and processes and advanced these ideas with a sincere and passionate effort.

Modern electrical connecting systems and automation are unimaginable without Wago products.

The company has approximately 4700 employees; of these, 2600 are employed in Germany at either the Minden or Sondershausen/Thuringia facility.

In addition to the central location in Minden, the WAGO Group has manufacturing plants in Sondershausen (Thuringia), Domdidier (Switzerland), Noida (India), Tianjin (Peoples' Republic of China), Wrocław (Poland) and Germantown (USA).

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Phone: +35 989 2371313
Email: info@vstechnologies.eu
Address: Virbitsa, №3
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